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"Go big or go home"

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Fuck the Values of this world

Fuck the values of this world. Human beings will fuck everything up. I am thankful that there is somethig more than this world that we live in. I am thankful there is more than this world we live in. It is in the next world, which i look forward. Praise Jesus Christ for who he is … The savior! I believe in his claims, I believe in who he is

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Die doing what you love

When it comes to living out your faith, all that matters is Christ opinion of you. Die doing what you love, this is your calling. We are made to be lights in the world, we are made to impact our life and the lives of all those around us. Don’t be surprised if others do not have faith in you, if people doubt God they will doubt you. Working 2 or 3 jobs will be worth the sacrifice when our goals are made in Christ. Live courageously, do not wait for others follow Christ to the very end he is our source our life our purpose lets not confuse this with thinking will find this by the affirmation of others. Christ is the way the truth and the life not mom dad brother or sister or best friend or enemy or teachers from school. We have one teacher and we are all brothers and sisters. Impact now wherever you are and forever and I pray the force be with the Kingdom in our lives in the world today. Be radical be extreme be true be raw be real

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I’ve found the Perfect Community

Jesus Christ, Me, Father, Holy Spirit

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Creativity and Life

With Creativity and life there is a more than just these tools that are infront of us, but the relationship with Jesus Christ… compels us to use our energies to live not for social media, not for money, but for the on going, eternal Glory of Jesus Christ. Use your creative efforts, to be more than just a stick point in history, but an eternal fragrance and aroma to OUR KING JESUS. Praise him with creativity, and diversity, in which Only His genius is reflected in our surrender to Him. 

OUR Creativity is a gift to express love gratitude, hate pain, joy life, death resurrection, and forgiveness, and reconciliation  and bitter jealousy and doubt, and all these things, the trials the tribulations of life, wrapped in one awe representation of relating our lives to  and with the King Jesus who made Heaven and Earth And these things will pass away; but Our Christ will not, and Our Christ is ours. Yes NOW AND FOREVER, and our creativity will only grow from His Grace. A grace so beautiful and awesome. Amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. 

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